AACSB Blog: Experiential Learning in Business School Finance Programs

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Elliot Davis, coordinator of research with AACSB International, highlighted the Freeman School's Burkenroad Reports program in a recent blog posting about experiential learning in finance programs. Davis praised the program, which is directed by Professor of Practice Peter Ricchiuti, as an innovative example of business schools using experiential methods to deliver content in entirely new formats.

The student analysts work with a committed group of professors to produce a three-statement financial model, which includes an equity valuation and a supporting analyst research report. Written deliverables produced by students are designed to mimic key topics researched by equity research analysts, and to ensure the students are exposed to as many business applications and research sources as possible. The published reports are mailed to thousands of investors, analysts, and executives.

To read the article in its entirety, visit aacsb.edu.

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