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Fox Business: Costly Vaccines Linked to False Sense of Security?

February 07, 2013

From Fox Business, Feb. 7, 2013

What's in a price? When it comes to medicines, the cost could affect your health and well-being, according to Janet Schwartz, assistant professor of marketing at the A. B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans. A recent study found in the Journal of Consumer Research, “Goods: Changing the price of medicine influences perceived health risk,” by Schwartz and Adriana Samper of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, found that the cost of a medication directly impacts how consumers view their risk...

NPR: Why You Love That Ikea Table, Even If It's Crooked

February 06, 2013

From, Feb. 6, 2013

NPR’s Shankar Vedantam interviewed Daniel Mochon, assistant professor of marketing, for a Morning Edition segment about Mochon’s research into the so-called Ikea Effect.

"Imagine that, you know, you built a table," said Daniel Mochon, a Tulane University marketing professor, who has studied the phenomenon. "Maybe it came out a little bit crooked. Probably your wife or your neighbor would see it for what it is, you know? A shoddy piece of workmanship. But to you that table might seem really great, because you're the one who created it. It's the fruit...
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Bloomberg: Wildcatter Moffett’s Davy Jones Well Bet Tests Investors

November 27, 2012

From, Nov. 27, 2012:

In New Orleans, an oil-friendly town where Moffett once headed a local business council and gives generously to the Boy Scouts, he is considered something of a folk hero -- and Davy Jones really is a celebrity. “In New Orleans, I think everybody with two nickels to rub together owns a little McMoRan” stock, said Peter Ricchiuti, a finance professor at Tulane University who has followed Moffett’s career. “You like the Saints and you got a little McMoRan for your kids.”

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BizEd Magazine: North and South

May 02, 2012

From BizEd Magazine, May/June 2012:

Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business in the southern U.S. has created a technologically supported educational model that aims to boost the number of doctorally qualified faculty in Latin America. In this model, Tulane offers a PhD program to Latin American business school professors, which allows them to study in their home countries via weekend and occasional weeklong modular courses. As part of this program, these professors stay at Tulane for parts of four summers to work on their PhD theses with their lead professors. During the...

NPR: U.S. Has A Natural Gas Problem: Too Much Of It

April 17, 2012

From NPR's Morning Edition, April 17, 2012:

NPR’s John Ydstie spoke with Peter Ricchiuti, professor of practice and research director of Burkenroad Reports, about the the boom in natural gas production.

Peter Ricchiuti, a professor at Tulane University in New Orleans and an expert on oil and gas production, says the normal supply-and-demand laws of economics aren't working as they used to in the industry.

“Historically, this has always been kind of a self-governing mechanism,” Ricchiuti says. “When natural gas prices got too low, you’d start to see the industry lay down...

image file named thestreetdotcom.jpg Conscious Capitalism: Tulane MBAs In Argentina

April 28, 2011

From, April 27, 2011:

Tulane University has built a national reputation for public service in recent years. Now, that reputation is going global. Adding to the university's list of international service projects, a group of MBA students in the A. B. Freeman School of Business pitched in with recent volunteer work in Argentina.

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Times-Picayune: Tulane will launch master's in energy management program

January 31, 2011

From The Times-Picayune, Jan. 30, 2011:

Taking advantage of its presence among major energy players along the Gulf Coast, Tulane University plans to start offering a master’s degree in energy management this summer, an 11-month program focusing on the business side of the industry in an effort to better prepare students to work in fields like energy finance, risk management and trading.

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Times-Picayune: Porsche's latest project has a Louisiana flavor

December 12, 2010

From The Times-Picayune, Dec. 12, 2010:

But John Howard, associate dean of graduate programs at Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business, said he thinks Porsche selected the name to represent what the rest of the world thinks of as Cajun -- fun-loving people who enjoy food, music and friends.

“I think the ‘Cajun’ is just an indication it’s going to be a fun vehicle,” Howard said. “It's going to be light-hearted and so forth.”

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Times-Picayune: Business students roll up their sleeves at Energy Trading Competition

October 26, 2010

From The Times-Picayune, Oct. 26, 2010:

Business students from nine universities around North America spent Saturday competing to see who could produce the best results while using simulated portfolios to electronically trade oil and natural gas futures. Rutgers, the University of Texas, and the University of Toronto were among the schools that sent teams to the trading competition.

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Barron's: No Drilling? No Problem: Plumbing the Depths

August 15, 2010

From Barron's, Aug. 15, 2010:

You don't have to drill too deep to find intriguing plays on the Gulf's oil spill—just go to school. Tulane University professor Peter Ricchiuti and the students in his stock-research program called Burkenroad Reports are touting Carbo Ceramics (ticker: CRR), Denbury Resources (DNR) and McMoRan Exploration (MMR) as best poised to benefit from the drilling moratorium arising from the spill.

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Kiplinger's: Energy gems on the Gulf Coast

July 26, 2010

From Kiplinger's, July 20, 2010

Thomas M. Anderson, associate editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, talks with Clinical Professor of Finance Peter Ricchiuti and highlights four energy-sector picks from Burkenroad Reports, the Freeman School's equities research program.

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Reuters: BP disaster will slow Gulf states' recovery

July 16, 2010

From Reuters, July 16, 2010

In Louisiana, the Gulf state most reliant on energy businesses, the economic costs of the federal moratorium on deepwater oil drilling, in place through November 30, will be severe and long lasting, according to Eric Smith, associate director of Tulane University's Energy Institute.

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