Alumni Spotlight: Lola Soniregun

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Tulane MME Graduate Applies her Expertise to Harnessing Renewable Energy

Businesses around the world are confronting the reality of a changing climate and the need for sustainable sources of energy. Tulane University and the Master of Management in Energy program are at the vanguard of training the next generations of business leaders and team members to address issues related to renewable energy and find solutions that can benefit individuals and the planet.

Lola Soniregun (MME' 20) began her career in energy nearly a decade ago as an intern in a flow meter machine shop in Erie, Pennsylvania. A student at the time, she recalls those early years as formative, "When I started, my understanding of the energy industry was very limited, but I was eager to learn." This early introduction to midstream operations would introduce her to a world beyond measurement solutions, sparking a years-long journey in energy.

Over several years, Lola's growing interest was met with learning opportunities that would transport her from a machine shop in Erie to drilling rigs on the coast of arctic Alaska and eventually a team working on net metering solutions for rooftop solar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"The work was a new and challenging adjustment," she recalls. "This was my first experience in power and renewables." While in this role, she began to seek additional education to build her understanding. "I learned about the Master of Management in Energy online; at the time, there was a Freeman School blog that captured the experiences of MME students," she recalls. The blog piqued her interest, and after reaching out to the Freeman school and former students, she flew to New Orleans to visit Tulane and sit in on a class. She fondly recalls her first trip to New Orleans and why she chose to pursue the Master of Management in Energy at the Freeman School: "I was impressed by the experiences of former students, the unique resources offered, and the locational advantages of the program. The visit was exciting; at its end, I was confident that the MME program would be a great next step in my journey."

As an MME student Lola's technical and fundamental knowledge blossomed under the instruction and guidance of our faculty mentors. The courses, led by industry professionals who are traders, analysts, and economists, provide a unique approach to the subject matter, leveraging their decades of experience to teach the knowledge necessary to meet the immediate needs of the energy industry.

During her time as a student in Tulane's MME program, Lola's course work was supplemented with industry experience. A highlight of the program included an Industry Project course where students collaborate in team settings on industry challenges sponsored by industry executives. "My classmates and I researched and developed solutions to residential rooftop solar challenges in collaboration with a team at Entergy." the opportunity was available in large part due to Tulane's regional connections and partnerships in the engineering and business sectors. In collaboration with her classmates, Lola applied skills learned throughout the program to meet the challenge and present the final solution. "The project's course was a culminating experience in my final semester; it was an opportunity to apply the knowledge I had accumulated to that point and adjust my thinking and reasoning skills from study to application."

Going Beyond the Classroom in the MME Program

Since graduating in 2020, Lola has begun a career in energy marketing at NextEra Energy. In her current role, she works in a team to optimize financial and operational performance for assets, including solar, wind and storage.

"Renewables have a big part to play in our energy future, I'm excited to contribute," she says. "The Master of Management in Energy program provided the foundational tools and resources for my transition in this industry."

Even after graduating from the MME program and transitioning towards energy marketing, Lola continues to be an important part of Tulane's success story as a member of the Tulane Energy Institute Advisory Board, a body committed to assisting the Energy Institute in fulfilling its mission and achieving its goals. Alongside the committee members' commitment to the Institute, there is a complementary relationship with the MME program where industry insight and experiences are shared for the advancement of the students and the MME program.

"My experience as a member of the Tulane Energy Advisory Board has been active and collaborative," she says. "I have been able to approach the committee's directive from the vantage of both a former MME student and an industry professional, which allows me to provide a distinct perspective that I hope continues to be beneficial in the advancement of the institute's regional and broader goals as well as the enrichment of the MME program."

Gain Essential Business Skills for Energy Careers in Tulane’s MME Program

Whether you’re interested in traditional or renewable energy sectors, the Master of Management program in energy at Tulane will provide you with the comprehensive skills and experiential learning needed to excel as a business leader. From risk management and financial modeling to structure and market valuation, our MME program will make you a marketable job candidate and help you stand out in your career as an expert in your field.

The MME program offers you the chance to tailor your degree to your interests and career goals. Choose between six specializations in areas including analytics, electric power, renewable energy and trading. As a student in the Master of Management program, you get to decide how you impact the worlds of engineering and business.

When you graduate from Tulane’s Master of Management in Energy program, you’ll join Lola and an expansive alumni network of professionals who work in renewable energy and business and push the industry into the future. In fact, the employment rate for MME graduates hit a record high in 2022: 93% of the class had job offers at graduation.

Beyond the MME program, we offer a variety of graduate degrees that can prepare you for whatever business career interests you:

Take the next step in your business journey by earning a Master of Management in Energy and see firsthand how a Tulane education can set you apart from others.

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