Strategic Finance: Are You Promotable?

Jasmijn Bol, Francis Martin Chair in Business and PwC Professor in Accounting, contributed the article “Are You Promotable?” to the July 2022 issue of Strategic Finance, the monthly magazine of the Institute of Management Accountants.

Co-authored with Justin Leiby and Margaret Shackell, the article discusses Bol’s research on consultative behavior and its effect on perceptions of readiness for promotion. While consultative decision making — the process of soliciting input from others before making a decision — has substantial benefits, Bol says it can lead to perceptions of a lack of confidence or dependence on others.

“ Early on, supervisors tend to look for, and value, consultation. … After you’ve been at a level for a while (determined by organizational norms), you should reduce consultation, demonstrate confidence, and consult with your peers less. You should show that you’ve made decisions based on your own knowledge and judgment. Focus on advising subordinates or peers, not asking them for input.”

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