ABC News: CEOs' pay climbed before layoffs at tech giants like Alphabet and Microsoft, data shows

Lisa LaViers, asssistant professor of accounting, was interviewed for an ABC News report that showed CEO compensation rose at more than a dozen tech companies last year despite those firms announcing layoffs during the year. The companies include tech giants like Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft and Salesforce.

"Especially in tech, I think it's a shock to tech workers who have always been in such high demand to be experiencing these layoffs," Lisa LaViers, a professor at Tulane University's Freeman School of Business who studies executive pay and its effect on workers, told ABC News.

At tech firms where CEOs received an increase in compensation alongside layoffs, the divergent fortunes likely exacerbated worker dismay, LaViers added.

"If you gave the CEO a large bonus and you laid off a lot of workers, I can't imagine a scenario under which that wouldn't upset employees," she said.

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