Forbes: Social Media Platforms Should Act Before Warning Labels Are Required

Rob Lalka portrait

Rob Lalka, Albert Lepage Professor of Business, was interviewed for a Forbes article about U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy's call for a warning label on social media platforms stating that social media is associated with significant mental health harms for adolescents.

"It is time for a reckoning that is decades overdue. Social media companies must take a proactive, central role in mitigating the negative mental health impacts of their platforms, especially on children and youth," explained Rob Lalka, professor at Tulane University's Freeman School of Business and author of The Venture Alchemists: How Big Tech Turned Profits Into Power. "They've built multitrillion-dollar empires by monetizing our attention, data, and content. We should expect them to now invest significantly in our well-being," said Lalka, who noted that the companies have unparalleled access to user data and behavior patterns.

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