Best Colleges: Tulane’s New STEM-Focused MBA Curriculum Prepares Students to Excel in Business

Melissa Lightell

Melissa Lightell, assistant dean of graduate admissions, was interviewed by the education news website Best Colleges for a story about Freeman's new MBA curriculum.

Melissa Lightell, the assistant dean of graduate admissions at the Freeman School of Business, said adaptability and critical-thinking skills are key parts of the new MBA curriculum alongside technical training.

The new curriculum incorporates current, high-demand technologies, but it also includes a focus on ethics and analytical thinking to prepare students for future business developments.

"Our classes do incorporate, as much as possible, a lot of the technologies that we currently have at our fingertips today. But a lot of it is also thinking about the ethics around it, thinking about the human component, and where the gaps are," Lightell said in an interview.

The story also includes interviews with current students Esther Frempong and Shafi Munir. To read the story in its entirety, visit

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