CNBC highlights Freeman's trading room

In a recent news segment, CNBC highlighted the Freeman School's trading room and its unique approach to training students for careers in energy trading.

"They may be a long way from the NYMEX in New Orleans and at Tulane University," said CNBC's Rebecca Jarvis, "but that is where the next generation of traders is training to take on today's pit bulls."

Rebecca Jarvis and students in Freeman's Energy Fundamentals and Trading course.

The segment focused on Freeman's Energy Fundamentals and Trading course, which uses the Reuters Market Data System and Reuters' ReplayService to replay actual historic commodity data in real time to simulate true-to-life market conditions. Freeman is the first and only business school to combine industry standard applications from Reuters and Trading Technologies with the ReplayService in the classroom. Using the system, instructors can program data to simulate virtually any market condition they choose, whether it's the events leading up to Hurricane Katrina or the aftermath of the latest announcement from OPEC.

"So many people are coming out of school without the basic knowledge of the fundamentals and then how to move from that into a trading strategy and to be able to execute it," said Joe LeBlanc, adjunct professor of business and instructor in the course. "This group has a leg up with that combination."

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