Research Notes: Claire Senot


Claire Senot’s paper “The Impact of Combining Conformance and Experiential Quality on Hospitals’ Readmissions and Cost Performance” has been accepted for publication in Management Science. The paper, co-authored with Aravind Chandrasekaran, Peter T. Ward, Anita L. Tucker and Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, examines two key process quality measures — conformance quality and experiential quality — and two measures of performance — readmission rate and cost per discharge — to investigate the opportunity for hospitals to achieve better care at lower cost. The authors find that hospital administrators can mitigate the tradeoff between reducing readmissions and controlling costs by prioritizing communication-focused experiential quality, which measures caregivers' ability to engage in meaningful conversations with the patient, over response-focused experiential quality, which measures caregivers' ability to respond to explicit patient needs. Senot is an assistant professor of management science at the Freeman School.

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