WWL.com: Going back to a 40 hour work week?


From WWL.com, Oct. 19, 2015:

WWL-AM interviewed Angelo DeNisi, professor of organizational behavior and Albert Cohen Chair in Business, about the "firm 40," a policy being adopted by some companies across the country that calls for a strict 40-hour workweek. Employees are asked to focus on work exclusively during business hours but then to disengage in the evening and on weekends.

"You are fighting against the fact that everybody else is trending toward flexibility, and you are in fact saying, 'no, put in the 40 hours when we tell you to put in the 40 hours, you work when we say to work, you relax when we say to relax,'" said Dr. DeNisi.  "I think there is going to be some pushback from that."

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