WWL Radio: Nearly half of US workers have a side job

Dale Klamfoth

Dale Kalmfoth, executive director of the Freeman School’s Career Management Center, was interviewed by WWL Radio for a segment about a Bankrate.com survey that found nearly half of all U.S. workers earn extra income on the side.

I think it’s a trend that will continue. Some work is going to be more project oriented, particularly things in the IT area. So if a company needs to set up an IT system, that could be a gig or a consulting project — a project with a definite beginning and a definite end, and so that lends itself to that kind of work. The good news about that is if it’s a consulting project it's going to be paid at a higher rate per hour than it would be if it were a full-time, ongoing job.

To hear the segment in its entirety, visit wwl.radio.com:


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