WVUE Fox 8: Donald Rouse Sr. responds to viral selfie at Trump rally

Ashley Nelson

Ashley Nelson, professor of practice in management communication, was interviewed by WVUE Fox 8 for a story on the backlash surrounding Rouse’s Markets co-founder Donald Rouse Sr.’s attendance at the Jan. 6 rally in support of Donald Trump that resulted in a deadly riot. After Rouse’s presence at the rally came to light, some posters on social media called for a boycott of the Louisiana-based supermarket chain.

“Remember, people on social media are trying to get attention,” said Tulane University Professor Ashley Nelson. “They’re trying to get the likes, they’re trying to get the followers, they’re trying to be relevant.”

Nelson says the use of social media is all about traction but she doesn’t know if people will actually stop shopping at Breaux Mart and Rouses.

“In some cases, it does snowball and in other times it’s over,” Nelson said, “a 24-hour cycle, poof it’s gone, next topic.”

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