Dagens ETC: Louisiana is declining but the fossil fuel industry is fighting the transition

Josh Herlands

Josh Herlands, adjunct lecturer and co-instructor of the course Renewable Energy Project Development and Finance, part of the Master of Management in Energy program’s specialization in renewable energy, was interviewed by Swedish newspaper Dagens ETC for an article about the struggle taking place in Louisiana between promoters of renewable energy and supporters of the state’s long-dominant fossil fuel industry. While Shell attributed the recent closing of its St. James Parish refinery in part to its shift toward sustainable energy, Herlands said the decision was also a result of the refinery’s declining profitability.

It is very much about the refinery not being profitable anymore. It gives good publicity to say that the reason is that they want to switch to renewable energy.
There is a certain amount of greenwashing in all oil companies, and many cling to old business models. But gradually there will be more oil companies that allow renewable energy to be part of the business.

To read the story in its entirety, visit Dagens ETC:

https://www.etc.se/miljo/louisiana-sjunker-men-fossilindustrin-slass-mot-omstallningen (In Swedish)

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