Freeman launches new undergraduate certificate programs in high-demand fields

James Geier teaches hospitality class at NOCHI
James Geier, founder and president of Ol'Style Consulting and adjunct lecturer in management, leads a Freeman School hospitality course. Undergraduate business students can now earn a certificate designating their completion of a specialized program of study in Hospitality, Energy, Real Estate Finance and Sports Management.

To better prepare undergraduate students with industry-specific knowledge and skills, the A. B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University has launched four new certificate programs that provide specialized instruction in high-demand fields.

Designed to extend and enhance the Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) curriculum, the new programs provide intensive and immersive experience in Energy, Hospitality, Real Estate Finance and Sports Management.

“Over the past several years, an increasing number of students have expressed interest in pursuing careers related to energy and sustainability, hospitality products and services, commercial real estate, and professional athletics,” said Paulo Goes, dean of the Freeman School. “With these new certificate programs, we’re meeting that demand by providing students with the opportunity to get a solid foundation in these high-demand industries as well as a clear path toward pursuing a career in their chosen field.”

Each certificate program comprises 12 credit hours constituting a coherent body of study within one of the four industry contexts. The programs are designed to integrate principles from finance, marketing, business and legal studies, and management, and each includes courses dedicated to foundational knowledge, advanced topics, and experiential learning.

Below is a brief description of each program:



The Energy Certificate Program provides students with extensive knowledge and skills as well as one-of-a-kind experiential learning opportunities in the energy industry. To earn the certificate, students must complete a foundational course in economics and policy, a course in financial modeling or trading, and two additional courses from an approved list of topics including banking, finance, portfolio management and trading.


Made possible by the Greenbaum Family Program in Hospitality, the Hospitality Certificate Program focuses on preparing the next generation of hospitality professionals through analysis of real-world case studies and interactions with leading hospitality professionals. The program provides students with a unique blend of management and employment law instruction while focusing on how to design, develop and lead enterprises centered on an extraordinary guest experience.

Real Estate Finance

Made possible by the Fogelman Family Real Estate Program, the Real Estate Finance Certificate Program is an applied program that fosters analytical creativity, skill acquisition and financial decision-making for a new generation of real estate investment professionals.

Sports Management

The Sports Management Certificate Program is designed to equip future professionals with the financial, managerial, marketing, analytical and legal skills needed for success in today’s sports industry. The program provides students with a multidisciplinary perspective on the business of sports as well as the opportunity to partner with local sports organizations to gain real-world insights into this dynamic industry.


“The Freeman School has a long history of placing graduates in these industries and seeing them rise to senior leadership roles,” said Myke Yest, associate dean of undergraduate education at the Freeman School. “With these new certificate programs, we hope to build on that success and provide students with the specialized knowledge and skills they need to hit the ground running in these fast-growing areas.”

Students interested in learning more about the certificate programs are encouraged to attend a Certificates Information Session on Wednesday, March 20, at 10 a.m. in the Marshall Family Commons of the Freeman School of Business. Students will have the opportunity to hear from faculty members, speak with industry leaders and review certificate course requirements with Freeman academic counselors.

For more information about the program, visit the undergraduate certificates page.

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